praise for temple yoga


Janine W. says:  As a yoga practitioner for over 10 years, I have been fortunate to learn from some very fine teachers in the New York City area. Part of the gift of being a student of yoga is benefitting from the expertise of a true professional, and eventually you start cobbling together something called "your own practice", an awareness of your body, an understanding of its possibilities as well as its limits, and--above all--a joining of body, mind and breath that surpasses any other activity, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Every time I practice, my teachers are with me, whispering in my ear, nudging me into correct form, reminding me to follow my breath. The most prominent presence in my practice, which is really indistinguishable from my life, is Temple. For two wonderful years, she led me through some of the most dynamic, loving, meaningful (and, yes, hard) vinyasa I have ever experienced. She cared so much about her students and had such deep understanding and respect for the practice that every class was different, charged with new, wonderful energy each time. She was always happy--genuinely happy--to see me and taught me so much more than just poses and alignment. She exuded joy, non-judgment, acceptance, faith and, above all, love and in turn bestowed it on me.

We are miles apart these days but she is with me in each asana, each pranayama.

Tony C. says:   I knew after the first class with Temple that she is a teacher that knows what she’s doing and cares about her students. That caring allows me to trust what she’s doing which can make for a deeper practice. Her classes have a good flow and I don’t find myself ever drifting off because I want to pay attention to how she is teaching. Is there something I can incorporate into my practice? Is there something I may want to use when teaching? I am selective when attending a yoga class and right or wrong, who is teaching drives my decision. I am drawn to a teacher that is confident in their practice, their teaching ability, and is paying attention to their students. Temple definitely embodies all of those qualities. My work schedule isn’t always in sync with Temple’s teaching schedule, however if given the opportunity I would attend her classes on a regular basis.