This is a snapshot collection of my poetry specifically written in the name of the practice of yoga. I am honored to be sharing it, and I hope that you are able to find something within the words that allows you to open a door into a deeper level of practice.


Behind this shadow I am a warrior
Unafraid of my strength
But the darkness protects me from this truth
And I am afraid to begin this journey
It is cool and comfortableIn the shade of night
I can easily hide my brilliance
But this path to transformation is lined with fire
And the spark does not survive under this damp cloak
I wait and I breathe
The warrior
Without the battle
Strength without struggle
Is emerging
The night is ending
The sun rises over the horizon
It is time to ignite my path

Downward Facing Dog.

My knees connect with the mat
I am aware of sensation in my left knee
From twenty years ago when my bicycle stopped
And my body did not
I lay on the road, tears streaming down my face
Unaware that life would march on
And that 20 years later I would be in table posture
Pressing acutely into both hands
Checking my alignment to ensure
My knees were under my hips
I have always been prepared for anything
In my experience lack of preparation leads to hurt
I am ready
My neck is loose
I inhale ujjayi
And curl my toes under
Hips rise to the sky
Feet press into the earth
My mother
Our mother earth
I have not loved you nearly enough
I encourage my heels to the mat
Shoulders roll out
And lead with my heart
Lead with my heart space
Wild, open and free
Somewhere I didn’t know I would be
My head is below my heart
And my mind wanders from the breath
To absolute gratitude
For this space
For this time
For this body
For this heart
I have arrived
And I am unafraid to find my edge


I hear the harmonium
The quiet, constant sound of the instrument
Fingers move, slowly, while the other hand gives breath
And the chanting begins
We call out to he who is most divine
And we call out to that place in each of us
And breathe through the truth that they are one and the same
That we are all one and the same
There is no difference between him and me
Between you and me but
I have already put you on the other side of the fence
and Deemed you unlike me
Acknowledged that we are on different paths
I’m rethinking my position
Questioning everything and nothing and
Breathing through silent answers
Seeking strength without struggle
Once again
On the mat
I hear the harmonium
I hear the collective consciousness that surrounds me and
I sing
For the girl I wasn’t
For the one I might never be
For the woman I am in this moment
Bruised, yet
Open, wild and free
In this moment
In this moment
I see my divinity, my right to be loved by him and you and me and all
This is my right
My obligation to this life, to connect
And to investigate
Past skin receptors and central nervous system
Past these bones
Into open heart, open spirit
Into the open
I don’t go there often;
Sometimes the sun hurts my eyes
And shows me my battle scars
Today I will stand
Planted, and
I will sing to the divine
I will hear my own voice, yours and countless others
I will accept my connection
And I will breathe into this truth
That there is no difference between the divine and me
That there is no difference between you and me

Partner Yoga.

In this moment where I am
Where we are
I am here with you
I am open
I am free
I am here
To connect
To be
Today I will share this space
I will create union
I will trust
I will surrender
I will not judge
I will only be
In this space
In this moment
With you

Little Earthquakes.

My world is rocked
And I am riding the wave
Grateful for the ebb and flow
For the rise and settling of my seas
For these little earthquakes
I am alive
I am susceptible
I am aware
I am amazed
I am amazing
My world is rocked
And I teeter on the edge
Of another quake
And I remember
My heart beats
My arms rise into warrior
And my breath follows

Today I Come to the Mat.
Today I come to the mat
Seeking answers from my spirit
My breath is present
I rest upon ujjayi
Feeling the inhalation fill my body
Listening to the exhalation
As my hips settle in surrender and
My heart opens
Bruised and broken
The scars that I have tried to hide from view
Are now fully visible
Gratitude fills me
As I prepare to accept all outcomes
Today I come to the mat
Seeking freedom from suffering
With compassion for my wounded heart
And in honor of my divine spark.


Today I will practice non-violence
Today I will speak the truth
Today I will love without limits
I will face my fears and walk with them
I will look into the eyes of those I love
I will look inside myself
I will see my own beauty and I will see yours
Today there is no place for self doubt
Today there is no place for judgment
Today I will hear my heart beat and I will listen
Today I will breathe deeply
Today I will practice yoga
Today I will live for this moment.
And this moment.
And this moment.

Temple's poem, Harmonium, is published in the Poetry of Yoga, Vol. 2